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Live poker win-rates are much higher, to the point that 10,000 hands starts to be a pretty accurate representation of your actual win-rate, not just a rough one. I used 6bb/100 here. And we can see you lose 1 in 12 times or so. If your win-rate is even lower, you could be 1 in 10, or 1 in 8, to actually lose over 25,000 hands. So, if you haven ...

What is a relalistic win rate? Every poker player asked these questions at one time. For the purposes of this article, we analyzed more than 9.6 million hands in total to give detailed answers to the questions above. Beyond the Basics - Result's Oriented thinking - With this in mind, it becomes incredibly difficult to determine an expected tournament win rate because there are an indeterminable amount of matchups you will play against in a tournament, meaning that the necessary sample size for this is … Poker Strategy & Tips | Beating Betting We give you our unique free poker strategy tips so that you can learn to outsmart (& profit from) the rest of the table more often.

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Poker Player Salary - How Much Poker Pros Make - Poker Websites Of course, determining your actual win rate at a current stake isn't as simple as sitting down and playing a few sessions. You will need a much larger sample size ... texas hold em - What is representative number of hands played ...

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Rake and Rakeback at the Micro Stakes: A Critical Review Rake and your win rate. Rake has a tremendous negative effect on your win rate at the micro stakes. Take a look at the following calculation: The average pot size at 2nl turned out to be $0.52 or 26 big blinds. At Full Tilt Poker the average amount raked at 2nl is 5.8%. This means that on average 5.8% x 26bb = 1.5bb per hand is taken from the ... Frequently Asked Questions about PokerSnowie

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Poker HUD Stat Sample Sizes Explained | BlackRain79 So I decided to write up this poker HUD sample size guide to once and for all give you all the numbers you need to know to understand your HUD stats better. No more sample size errors ever again! Poker Hud Stat Sample Sizes Before I even begin I am assuming that most people reading this article already know what a poker HUD (heads up display) is. Winrate / Samplesize Hyper Turbo Heads up | Heads Up Poker