Bacula device autochanger has 0 slots

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Bacula Storage em Qualquer Nuvem com Rclone e Rclone

[HOWTO] Install bacula with sqlite support and... | iXsystems… Autochanger { # DELL PV-124T Name = Autochanger01 Device = Autochanger 01-Drive0 Changer Command = "/usr/local/sbin/chio-bacula %c %o %S %aWe still have the problem that: - we use the old version of bacula since that still comes with sqlite instead of postgres - bacula does not startup... Bog BOS: Сетевая система резервного копирования... Autochanger (позволяет сгруппировать устройства, входящие в одну автоматизированную библиотеку, возможно виртуальную, и обращаться к ним как к единому целому, позволяя серверу хранения выбрать доступный). Name (это имя указывается директором в запросе... 3.5. Autochanger Support — Bareos Main Reference... Some autochangers have more than one read/write device (drive). The Autochanger resource permits you to group Device resources, where eachIf you see a near the slot number, you have to run update slots command to synchronize autochanger content with your catalog. 3.5.12. Bareos...

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P.S.: remember to take care of file permissions, since Bacula needs to read them from its user; so I suggest to chown the USB disks and vchanger folder with user 'bacula' and group 'tape' (or whatever you use to run the bacula-sd daemon ). The FreeBSD Diary -- Tape Libraries & Bacula *label barcodes Automatically selected Catalog: MyCatalog Using Catalog "MyCatalog" The defined Storage resources are: 1: File 2: FileRemote 3: FileRemoteTLS 4: DLT 5: TapeLibrary 6: DLTRemote 7: DLTRemoteTLS Select Storage resource (1-7): 5 Connecting to Storage daemon TapeLibrary at ... 3306 Issuing autochanger "slots" command. Device "DLTLIB0" has 0 slots. Bacula Storage em Qualquer Nuvem com Rclone e Rclone ...

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Bacula backup server on Debian Lenny, with remote SQL server Storage { Name = bactank-sd; SDPort = 9103; WorkingDirectory = "/var/lib/bacula"; Pid Directory = "/var/run/bacula"; Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 20; } Bareos Tape Backup on a 124T — # /etc/bareos/bareos-sd.conf Storage { Name = moops-sd Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 20 } Director { Name = moops-dir Password = "PUT_Original_Value_HERE" } Autochanger { Name = PV-124T Device = Ultrium-TD3 Changer Device = /dev/sg3 Changer … Bacula Utility Programs - PDF Bacula Utility Programs The Leading Open Source Backup Solution. Kern Sibbald August 18, 2013 This manual documents Bacula version (19 February 2013) Copyright c , Free Software Foundation Backups with Bacula: A cross-platform system to archive your

This gives the bacula group permission to write to the nsa0.0 device too just to be on the safe side. To bring these changes into effect just run:- /etc/rc.d/devfs restart . Basically this will stop you having to manually change permissions on these devices to make Bacula work when operating the AutoChanger after a reboot. Example Scripts

Bacula Tape Changer (Autochanger) Library | ITHierarchy Inc Sooo... I got an old Dell PowerVault-132T tape changer with a LTO-2 Drive. Actually I have 2 drives but 1 of them won't spin up so I am waiting on a part to make them both work, so for the purposes of this article I will do it with 1 drive …