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All of these combined disputes and issues set a timely context for studying such new forms of digital gambling and gaming, and the distinctive online cultures that have arisen around them. Microsoft PowerPoint - Tess Armstrong, Central Queensland Crimping the croupier: Electronic and mechanical automation of table, community and novelty games in Australia. Why people gamble, and gambling addiction Kevin Harrigan at the University of Waterloo has done considerable research into the addictive properties of gambling games, especially slot machines. Gambling in Macau - Wikipedia

The Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health is a peer-reviewed open ... of motivations to transition from social casino games to online gambling.

Kyrios, M. (2012) Problem gambling among international and domestic university students in Australia: Who is at risk? Journal of Gambling Studies, Online first, ... Science has a gambling problem - Nature Jan 23, 2018 ... Most people with a gambling addiction play online. And they do 'play': the distinction between online gambling and online gaming is being ... Journal of Gambling Issues

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Slot-machine gamblers are hard to pin down | Education | The The International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction ran a paean from a researcher who said: "In the problem gambling field we don't exhibit the same adulation as music fans for their idols, but we have our superstars and, for me, Mark … Psychology of Gambling Infographic developed by Injury Free Nova Scotia, 2015. Used by permission. Electronic gambling devices are designed based on a deep understanding of human psychology and how to manipulate human behaviour. Problem Technology Use | Gambling, Gaming & Technology Use These changes are a cause for concern in some quarters related to the blurred lines between gaming and gambling, which has already started to occur, as demonstrated by the increasing use of the term “gaming” when referring to the use of … The Nature of Addiction

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Continuous forms of gambling, such as electronic gaming machines, racing and ...... Journal of. Gambling Studies, 18, 257-271. Benhsain, K., & Ladouceur, R. Proposal for a Special Issue on Internet Gambling - Digital Scholarship ...