Double u slot patch antenna

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use in many wireless communications applications. This paper proposes the use of a patch antenna with two U-shaped slots to achieve dual band operation.

single probe-fed circularly polarized patch antennas with u ... Related Posts:circularly polarized square patch antenna with square slots…double u-slot patch antenna for tri-band wireless systemsexperimental and simulation studies of the coaxially fed…a reconfigurable patch antenna using switchable slots for…x band printed microstrip compact antenna with slots in…dual band microstrip antenna using u and s slots for wlan… Microstrip Patch Antenna with U-slot for WLAN Application A Microstrip patch antenna using single U-slot and Two U-slot is designed, fabricated and experimentally verified for WLAN applications We have shown single U-slot resonating at 2.6GHz and 3.6 GHz with return loss of -31dB and -13dB, and with double U-slot at 2.09GHz, 3.2GHz, 4.9GHz with Return loss of - U-Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Application ... The proposed antenna explains and illustrates the simulation of the microstrip antenna with single u-shaped slot on the patch. This antenna is compact, have a flexible structure and easy to use compared with other antennas.

Double U-slots patch antenna for tri-band wireless systems: Authors: AbuTarboush, H.F., Nilavalan, R., Budimir, D. and Al-Raweshidy, H.S. Abstract: compact microstrip patch antenna with two U-slots shape is presented. Detailed simulation and experimental investigation are conducted to understand the behavior of the two U-slots.

A dual U slot H patch configuration is proposed to increase the narrow bandwidth, radiation efficiency and directivity. A novel H-shaped patch antenna suitable for wireless and satellite communications is presented. This paper presents the dual U slot H-shaped microstrip patch antenna feed by transmission line. Microstrip Patch Antennas - An IEEE Fellow, he was the recipient of the 2009 John Kraus Antenna Award of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society for exceptional contributions to the field of antennas. He invented the wideband U–slot patch antenna and expanded the U-slot technique to small size, dual/triple band, and circular polarization applications. Design of Dual-Band Microstrip Antenna with U-shaped slot

In this single band antenna design shows a new H slot and E slot loaded on the patch.

The antenna gives the first resonant frequency due to patch itself and small U slot. And it resonates at another frequency for the insertion of second U slot inside the patch. To create another resonant frequency at 2.4 GHz for WLAN applications second U slot is inserted inside the patch which in bigger in size than that of previous one. Figure Double U-slot microstrip patch antenna - IEEE Conference May 19, 2015 · Double U-slot microstrip patch antenna Abstract: In this work, a doble U-slotted, circular polarized micrrostrip patch antenna is designed. The antenna is ground-fed and the geometry has two U-Shaped slots in the middle and corners are truncated. As a result of simulations, input match is -12.17 dB and gain is 6.51 dB at 4.08 GHz. Design & Performance Analysis of Double U-Slot Microstrip the slot. B. Design of Double U-Slot Patch Antenna A low profile double U-slots antenna for WiMAX operation has low return loss and bandwidth. It has a triple band of frequency the propose antenna[1][2]for specific WiMAX application is shown below figure 6.5 B Figure 2: Design structure of the single u-slot patch W 40mm C1 5mm Double U-Shaped Slots Loaded Stacked Patch Antenna for

In this paper, we aim to design to simulate `double u slot patch antenna'. Our simulation and experimental investigation aimed to understand the behavior of the two U-slots. It can be used in WiMAX compliant communication equipments. As a result of all changes and on the geometry of the...

Parameters Single U-Slot Double U-Slot Operating 10GHz 10GHz Frequency Return loss 6.30GHz at -11 dB 4.6 to 6.25 GHz.Table 1. Comparison between single U-slot and double U-slot Below figures are the results of elliptical patch antenna with single U-slot. |