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The 3 Pin BC3 Energy Saving PLET Light Bulb offers the latest in energy saving technology to give functional no frills lighting at low cost. This 15 Watt ES bulb saves 80% in energy usage versus incandescent output and lasts 8,000 hours. Fully compliant with Part L of Building Regulations this is often fitted in new build and rented properties. BC3 BASE BULBS - bulbfinderdirect.co.uk BC3 base lamps are identical to other energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs except it has three pins at the base instead of the usual two (see figure 2 above). They are installed in some new properties to prevent the occupier from reverting to the old incandescent bulbs. Guide to Light Bulb Types | Angie's List Here’s an overview of a few of the common light bulb types: Type A light bulb: This is the type you’re probably most familiar with, going all the way back to Edison – a roundish bulb with a relatively wide mount on the bottom. The majority of light bulbs, regardless of CFL, LED or incandescent status, employ this kind of mount. 3 Pin Light Bulb UK Review - uk-telco.co.uk

BC-3 light fixture’s to take the normal 2 pin light bulb as well as the 3 pin rip off bulbs. first off if ya completely clueless about wireing then its best youmake the 12 o’clock slot in the BC-3 fixture about 2mm wider i used a dremmel but a pair of cutters will do the job just as well then on the 6 o’clock slot...

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Sylvania 3-Pin (BC3) 20W Fluorescent Stick Light bulb ... Sylvania 3-Pin (BC3) 20W Fluorescent Stick Light bulb - B&Q for all your home and garden supplies and advice on all the latest DIY trends BC3 3-Pin Energy Saving Light Bulbs & Pendants - Lamps2uDirect Garden And Outdoor Lighting Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting LED Energy Saving Light Bulbs Fluorescent Energy Saving Light Bulbs Specialist Halogen Light Bulbs New Products & Discounted Lighting Electric Fans & Around The Home Lighting Daylight Bulbs And Tubes Ceiling Lights & Downlights Megaman LED Fittings Fluorescent Tubes Standard ... BC3 3 Pin Bayonet LED Light Bulbs 100W Equivalent, 13W ... Standard 3 Pin light bulb bayonet cap (also known as “J slot”) – See the pictures on the left to confirm the right base for your need. Low Consumption: Saving 85% on your energy bills. Hizashi LED BC3 bulbs provide an ideal replacement for your 100w incandescent bulbs by only 13w. igt slot bulbs | eBay


Mar 28, 2007 · A bright idea? UPDATE: About Eaton MEM BC3 light bulbs and fittings. ... A label on the light fitting said ‘BC3 J slot’. Puzzled I googled and found this page. Its excellent. There’s even a discussion of the ‘filament bulb as heating’ efficiency argument, which previously I’d ownly heard propounded by my father. ... Eaton F1267LED MEM Lamp LED BC3 15W Warm White Buy Cheap Eaton F1267LED MEM Lamp LED BC3 15W Warm White at Lampshoponline. 3 pin LED bayonet lamps available on next day delivery. Huge stock available. BC Light Bulbs | Light Bulbs & Tubes | Screwfix.com A range BC light bulbs, also known as B22 and bayonet cap, available in various sizes, colour temperatures, styles, lumens and technologies from trusted trade brands. Suitable for commercial and residential applications, they are often used in ceiling fittings in the home. Smart technology gives you greater control and personalisation of your